Ozone vs. Coronavirus

A study by the National Center for Biotechnology information presents strong evidence that the utilization of ozone (O3) kills 99% of viruses it encounters. Its ability to breakdown the protective layer surrounding the virus, and disrupt its function until it is rendered neutralized prove its ability to disinfect and sanitize surfaces and the air. This particular study was conducted against the SARS virus, which so happens to be considered a close relative and of similar composition as our current COVID-19 outbreak.

O3 cannot be purchased or utilized like traditional disinfectant sprays. Ozone generators, like the Powerzone series from Scandia, create 03 on sight from the oxygen in the air.

The Powerzone is the most effective tool you can use to fight against the onslaught of infectious disease. The utilization of natural components found in the atmosphere over the harmful risks associated with chemicals, like bleach and chlorine, for sanitation cannot be undervalued. Since O3 is a gas, it is capable of filling and cleansing an entire space with far more precision than traditional sprays and cloth wiping. You, your staff, and your patrons will be better protected by this low maintenance, high efficiency method of disinfection.

 Ozone is an irritant to breathe to humans and pets, and must only be deployed in vacant spaces. Once activated, it takes 30+ minutes for the O3 to dissipate back into O2 and the room will be safe for re-entry. The Powerzone is equipped with a motion sensor and will stop when triggered.

Scandia has developed a variety of O3 generators that can be utilized in homes, fitness centers, schools, spas, day cares, and offices. Please practice caution and check out our videos on how to use your Powerzone generator.

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