Ozone: A Powerful Disinfectant

Powerzone 1200 Locker ROom
Sanitize any space with confidence


Scandia’s Powerzone series utilizes a powerful, natural source for sterilization of surfaces and the air. Ozone, also referred to as O3, is three atoms of oxygen. Naturally, it is found high in the Earth’s atmosphere and sensed after the refreshing calm of a rainstorm. O3 is nature’s way of cleansing the air. More commonly, we associate sterilization with harsh chemicals that release toxins into the air. However,  even more effective sterilization can take place simply by generating and launching O3 into the air. 

For years, O3 has been used to sterilize drinking water. The CDC lists ozone as an effective tool for disinfecting medical tools and praises it for its safety, as it will not cause burns like harsh chemicals. Research has proven ozone to be an effective and safe tool for food sanitation;  while water-based chlorine mixtures that are also often used to clean foods, may have carcinogenic side effects. Studies continue to support that ozone has powerful, safe abilities to decrease and eliminate microorganisms on surfaces and in the air. The evidence in favor of O3’s ability to neutralize hazards to human health is boundless.

Scandia originally developed the Powerzone O3 generators as a tool to combat the treacherous ecology of steam rooms. Their humid, warm climate is prime for growing and proliferating all kinds of harmful bacteria and viruses. Therefore, the smartest and strongest technology needed to be applied to create a safe space that wasn’t a laborious task to maintain. The Powerzone’s ability to rid the room of nearly all microorganisms can now be applied to any room or space in your life. O3 is emitted in a gaseous form. Because of this, it is able to fill and sterilize an entire space with more efficacy that traditional sprays and wipes.

In our current state of heightened awareness of contagious illness, lingering germs, and cleanliness, you can fight the battle smarter, not harder. Cleanse office spaces, homes, gyms, and day cares with confidence. Powerzone can be utilize to defend those with high risk to contagious illnesses and disease. O3 will prove over and over again that not only does it create safe spaces, it protects without harmful side effects and lower costs of maintenance. The Powerzone is the perfect tool to protect and defend your health.




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