Ozone on the Frontline: Sanitization of Face Masks

A jean manufacturer in Spain has switched operations from creating clothing to the sanitization of face masks in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Jeanologia promotes Earth-friendly, sustainable processes for clothing finishes and has now answered the fight against the spread of viruses utilizing ozone technology. Using sealed chambers, face masks are placed inside and exposed to a decided amount of ozone until completely bacteria and virus free.

Enrique Silla, the company’s founder said, “Ozone is the strongest antimicrobial disinfectant and strongest oxidant in nature. Once it has been used, it is treated and returned clean to the atmosphere having been converted into oxygen,”

“Jeanologia uses ozone-based G2 technology for sanitization.” April 8, 2020.


Spain is one of the hardest hit areas from the novel coronavirus outbreak. As of April 15th, Spain has had over 177,000 cases of COVID-19. Adaptable companies such as Jeanologia are strengthening our fight against the continued spread of illness

Workers in Spain sanitize face masks in an ozone chamber. Original article found HERE
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